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CD For No One and Everyone - Rallion
CD For No One and Everyone - Rallion  

Rallion's first CD at Big Sky Studios.
An album of great strength and persuasion, with powerful folk song in meaningful mode. Jazz intonations, vocals free from any twee folkritude, instruments played with flair, dash and precision, plus some excellent compositions alongside the traditional pieces. Vocals, djembe, mandolin, whistles, recorders, bodhran, fiddle.

1. The Blacksmith
2. Fisherman's Wife
3. Sleepless
4. Susanna Martin
5. Amalgamation
6. Stretched on your Grave
7. Stampede
8. P Stands for Paddy
9. Sixteen Come Next Sunday
10. The Rose of the Fylde
11. King of Prussia
12. Fine Flowers
13. Back on Track

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